Our habitat by the sea
lies right next to the forest,
in the picturesque tourist village of Grzybowo near Kołobrzeg.

For a beautiful, wide beach with white sand, we have a 15-minute walk or 850 m, close to the best bike paths (Route towards the Sun), stud farm and a unique pine-oak mixed forest.

It is just 2 minutes away by bike to a nearby grocery store where you can buy fresh rolls and to the post office where you can get postcards.

Next to us there is a sports field with an outdoor gym.

  • It is only 3 km to Kołobrzeg – this is for those who miss the bustle and attractions of a city.
  • From Kołobrzeg you can go for a day trip by ferry to the Danish island of Bornholm or by coach to Berlin.
  • For early birds we organize cod sea cruises.

We guarantee an idyllic atmosphere, peace and quiet, seasoned with fresh sea air with a lot of iodine.